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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 20, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> ferocious flames. new video just in of massive wild fair burning out of control in northern california. abc 7 northern california. abc 7 news begins
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>> sobering new image rae leased today by federal investigators looking in the chevron refinery fire in rich mon. this is the flammable vapor cloud that would ignite into an inferno in just moments. good evening everyone. >> what is very clear tonight is that the fire at the refinery could easily have turned in a terrible tragedy. roughly 20 workers were in grave danger. 7 news reporter sergio is live in richmond tonight with the latest on the federal investigation into this. sergio? >>reporter: dan, 11 pictures were snapped by a free lance photographer documenting 2 minutes in time. federal investigators say those pictures basically illustrate
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vapor cloud that escaped just moments before the fire here at the richmond refinery. white cloud rises hundreds of feet into the air. investigators say the vip or spewed from the chevron refinery. then next to it a black plume rises as the fire starts. these pictures were shot by a photographer from 9 miles away across the bay in san francisco. but investigators say this is what workers struggled with as they raced to reach safety in the refinery before the fire ignited. >> many of the workers were enveloped in a cloud that made it difficult for them to see. it's opaque. in terms of extricating themselves from that. >> federal investigators still not sure of the full chemical composition of the cloud but say this is where the fire began. >> you have to remember this is come out of the tower at more than 600 degrees fahrenheit. at that temperature the vapor is flammable.
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>> following a news conference by investigators chevron issued a statement questioning some of the conclusions. the black smoke that you see was a result of hydro-carbon that ignited because the white cloud didn't ignite we have question about the composition. chevron says instead of speculating they will wait for expert analysis. inspectors toured the site again today. you can seawater still being sprayed at the site of the fire. federal investigators say this is where a leak remains. >> priority right now is to safely isolate that leak cut off the flow of hydro-carbon then move forward with the scientific investigation. >>reporter: federal investigators addressed critical comment posted by state investigators. on the personal facebook page cal/osha inspector clyde tremble wrote typical csb grandstanding in the press. scaring the public with half truth and myself leading information. >> we 7 apology and i think we have to look forward.
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>>reporter: now most of those facebook comments have been removed. i did check with cal/osha today and they did not want to talk about those facebook comments posted by their lead investigators here at the refinery investigation. they did say however that he remains on the job as does the rest of the people and they are going to continue working right alongside the federal investigators. reporting live in richmond, abc 7 news. >> thank you gentleman mean time bay area air quality management district is working to find out what was in the air after the fire. current did he vase didn't screen for soot. suspected cause of the irritation that sent more than 1100 people to the hospital. they are also looking into whether to add more pollution monitor near the refinery. >> more deadly violence in san jose this evening. 24-year-old man shot and killed on poke 0way at 6:40. police believe his death was gang related no. arrest made. this mark san jose fifth homicide since last monday. 29th of the year. and
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about half hour late they are was a separate shooting at jackson and loose avenue. 20-year-old victim expected to survive. >> government shut down central valley slaughter house with cow shocked and shot. animal rights group called compassion over killing sent the video of the meat company to the agriculture department. it's a major slaughter house in hanford south of fresno. the company tells sentinel newspaper that it has not seen the video. nor does it know who took the pictures. slaughter house cooperating with the government investigation dangerous wildfire burning along the shasta county line just 30 percent contained tonight. lightning sparked ponderosa fire broke out saturday and now grown to more than 16,000 acres. about 19 scary miles. so far 7 homes lost. cal fire says 3000 more are threatened. the pictures just in show the intensity of this fire. these
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towns have all been evacuated. warnings now being posted along highway 36. state highway 44 is among the roads already closed. >> missouri congressman todd aiken under growing pressure to end the senate campaign following his controversial statement yesterday about rape and abortion. listen. >> if it's a legitimate rape the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. >> he apologized but the national republican senate committee and the republican super pack cross roads today dropped the support. mitt romney is asking aiken to consider dropping out to give the republicans a better chance of win ago senate seat. they desperately desire. >> his comments about rape were deeply offensive. and i can't defend what he said. i can't defend him. >> his view were his offensive. rape is rape. >>reporter: president obama says aiken rae mark highlight the sharp divide between republican and democrat on
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reproduction rights. >> 7 news learned oakland has now pinpointed the cause of its chronic police radio problem. one of the worst outage happened during president obama recent visit. according to city investigation verified by the fcc, at&t cell towers are interfering with police radio signal. report calls it a band width problem. at&t temporarily shut down 16 of its towers in oakland while the glitch is fixed. it says the network will be affected but no impact on the 3 g and 4 g network. >> then this. police in santa rosa lost communication today when the power went out in the dispatch center. knock out the phones. 2 way radio and computer aid add dispatching system. 911 calls were then forwarded to the sheriffs office and police used the sheriffs radio frequency during this time. disruption was blamed on a blown circuit board. world best sailor will race into the fastest boats on the globe in san francisco bay this week. the america cup world
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series kicks off tomorrow and lillian is live in san francisco with preview for us. >> 8 teams taking part in the competition and total of 11 boats. you can see some of them at pier 32 and 30. they are impressive. 45 foot catamaran with 70 foot high mast. sky 7 hd was overhead this afternoon when some of the best sailors in the world practiced in san francisco bay. these teams will be raceing in this week america cup world series. although it was pretty calm today a couple of teams got that trouble over the wean. video posted on you tube shows team korea catamaran capsizing. this is shore crew up all night repairing the vessel. they say it's all part of racing here. area known for the consistent winds and strong currents. >> they work hard every day and fix it for the next day. a lot of long nights and all that
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sort of stuff. >>reporter: when the team aren't practicing or racing the catamaran are here at pier 30 and 32. steady flow of admirer stop by to take a look. >> the boats are sexiest ever. honestly. >>reporter: jane became a fan of sailing 15 years ago after spending time on a boat during a trip to the south pacific. is he plans to head to the marine a green on saturday where bleachers set up for people who weren't to much washington the race. >> you have to be so technically savvy to race them well. i mean it's international. that's kind of cool so just really neat sport this. >>reporter: week race in san francisco followed by another round in october are essentially a trial run for next year america cup. when oracle team usa will be defen defending the title on home turf. no question the challenger using this opportunity to learn as much as they can. >> the time to spend on the water is priceless priceless knowledge. it's like a practice round on golf tournament. can't play the
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course in too many conditions too often. >>reporter: event kicks off with practice rounds tomorrow. racing begins on wednesday and end on sunday. this is 7 news thank you elian. >> link to the america cup world series schedule for you and map showing the best places to watch it from. you will find it on 7 just click on see it on tv. all right there for you. exciting time. >> coming up next. company selling device that promises free internet and phone service. >> 7 on your side michael is here with more on what sounds like a remarkable product. >> it is remarkable product. let me tell you. seems like a sleeve on the i-pod. we wanted to know does it work? so we put it to the test. i have the results next. >> also here. man who has given more of himself than most people you will of know. >> some petaluma kids are a flare for dramatic victory. given another shot in the
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little league world series. then later on "nightline". >> coming up next on "nightline". summer of record breaking wildfires right there in california. of course wide spread forcing thousandss to flee their homes. plus a 17-year-old girl who sparked massive on line controversy by massive on line controversy by exposing
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>> all right. how much do you pay a month for your smart phone. 50 maybe 80 buck. >> michael is here now with another option for us. >> absolutely. this thing is amazing. how would you like to use the smart phone but never pay a monthly bill? there is a new product about to hit the market that allows you to do just that. smart phone are such a part of our lives now hard toy imagine living without them. it is not however hard toy manual living without that smart phone bill. >> yes got to stay connected. >> kills you doesn't it. >> it dent feel good. no. >>reporter: this is costing
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you. >> cost nothing. 100 percent 43. >>reporter: nicholas is with freedom and he's talking about the freedom sleeve for i-pod. it is a game changer. >> it hooks into your i-pod where it makes it about the same size as the i-phone suddenly you could make phone calls. browse the web. listen to the music without a monthly plan at all. >>reporter: how? well the sleeve picks up a broad band connection freedom pop buys in bulk from sprunt and other companies. signal is similar to the wi-fi in the home but over alarmer area. when you buy a freedom sleeve you get one gig of data a month at no additional charge. nice idea. but does it work? we tried to make a phone call using the freedom pod sleeve and skype internet telephone service. >> not available. >> not available. >>reporter: so we mav on to texting. >> freedom pop. >>reporter: it works well. >> there you go hello from
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freedom pop. >>reporter: how about web browser? >> google. >>reporter: the gay in the pick is michael finy the 20-year-old boxer. but we lack the same without a shirt. now remember, we are doing all of this standing on a street with an ipod. not an i-phone. we are not spending a dime on broadband connection and we are not hooking up to the a coffee house wi-fi. we watch video from you tube and even make a connection using face time with the ceo of freedom pop steven stoke in southern california. >> down in la. >> sure. what is a high tech firm doing in la? >> new home man. >>reporter: one last attempt to use the i-pod as a phone. this time using google voice still no luck. it might be a password issue. never really figured that out but the freedom pop obviously works.
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do you use it. >> i sure would. absolutely. found are great. how do i do it. >>reporter: coming out in 6 or 8 week. watch channel 7 and i'll tell you. >> all right good. to meet yo you. >>reporter: keep watching. freedom sleeve is in pre-sales right now. cost 99 dollars. soon these will also be available. this is wireless hot spot. 8 devices can go off this right here. this is for your computer for the lap toll top right there again they are to cost 100 dollars and one giling gig a m for free. >> urban area is better. >> right. for sure urban area. don't drive between here and kansas and get coverage the whole way. >> thanks very much. >> man from mountain view did today what no other blood donor has done until now at stanford blood center. david mitchell the 75-year-old made his 600 blood donation to the blood bank on the stanford campus. mitchell often goes through special process that extracts
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specific component including platelet from the blood and he donates 2 dozen times per year. whole blood can only give 5 or 6 times aer yichlt actually a pleasant experience being here and giving and every now and then you hear about specifics. little children or babies need that stuff. >>reporter: mitchell started giving blood when he have 17 and continued to do so while serving in the air force. >> whether a wonderful guy. great. >> 600 what a mark. >> should do better in that regard. incredible. >> talk about the weather forecast. >> sandy here now. >> we gained few degrees today. we last a few degrees tomorro tomorrow. looking at cooler pat he were. evidence of it. high definition lacking downtown san francisco marine layer at 1,000 feet this afternoon as evening went on it rammed up. now 1400 feet deep. let's check out live doppler 7
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hd. i'll show you what it looks like from that perspective. low cloud near the coast and fog but in over the bay as well and we are expecting it to make its way in some of our inland valley. wind right now gusting to 30 miles an hour in fairfield. it's on shore flow that is going to push that marine layer in. temperatures in the 50's. coast side bay side inland area low to low 60's to mid 70's. areas of low fog tonight misty in spots important for the morning commute. be aware of it. cooler weather tuesday wednesday and slightly warmer theen of the work week. when i say slight i mean slight. here's forecast animation. tonight we expect fog low clouds move in land. at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow you will start out with gray skies. if you are getting the kids off to school just want to give you a little bit of caution. could be misty in spots. slow you down. mit want to make sure the kid have an extra layer as they head out the door. temperatures low 50's to the low 60's to start off your tuesday morning. the cooling
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water vapor imagery. low pressure this will bring us cooler pattern for two days. both tuesday and wed. deepen marine layer. picks up the sea breeze end result temperatures are down. here's the south bay. 75 san jose. 74 for new cupertino. 80 los gatos. peninsula mild day 73 and fay in pacifica. fog sitting there most of the afternoon. breezy downtown san francisco 61 degrees get you up into the north bay. 58 at bodega bay. 80 santa rosa. 74 for san rafael. east bay sunshine by the afternoon. 67 in oakland. 69 in hayward. head inland. you see numbers in the mid upper 80's. 86 in antioch livermore. 85 for concord. around the monterey bay 62 in monterey. 60 carmel. only mid 80's morgan hill and gilroy. many inland spots running cooler than average. tomorrow is going to be the big he investment. it's the america
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cup world series practice rounds get under way tomorrow afternoon south west winds 10 to 20 not with gust to 35 kno knot. if you are checking out the action temperature mid 50's to low 60's. would i grab a jacket if you are going to go there. breezy cool next two days. you mid upper 50's bump up the temperature a couple degrees but not by much. no updates at 4:30 in the morning. >> thanks. >> as you know 49 remembers moving to santa clara 8. will >>. candlestick stylexe
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>> we want to thank people who are a part of the fleet train foster kids dream campaign. liz of napa matt of san jose and karen of please anton you can help as well just like us on the 7 news facebook page and 1 dollar will be donateed to help local foster children in need. >> 49ers making sure fans have plenty to eat and drink at the new stadium in santa clara. a company called center plate will pay the team nearly 7 million dollars a year for the rights to sell food and soup new year's. center plate
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already says concessions at candlestick park and at&t park. about 1600 people will work for center plate on game days. able to get all the food you want. >> speaking of sports. larry is here. >> and food. connossieur. as you know. giants and dodgers with first place on the line. is that enough for you? how about a pitcher dual on top of that? madison and clayton throwing zero in la. plus the petaluma zero in la. plus the petaluma kids. sports
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>> good evening. giants inch back that first place in the national league west. ahead of the dodgers. with madison leading the way tonight in la. warriors owner what do they talk about for 9 innings. pitcher dual. that was the best my. diving. to make the catch on blanco bunt. wow!
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madison dealing smoke in the third. then in the fifth. aj up. swing and myself. double my. 8 scoreless frames struck out 10. giants led 1 nothing on a sac. fly then again in the sixth. comes up throwing. angel. barely. bottom 9. cholesterol it out or not. ramirez. solo bottom. 19 and second against romo this year solo pez comes in. he gets the final out. andre there. giants back in first place by half game. 2-1 the final in the series opener. a's and twins. minnesota the worst record in the american league but they didn't lack like it tonight. former josh double in run. base hit to right. one run scores. feeling frisky.
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testing the arm of jsh. off line. 3 and third gave up 6 runs. early today watching petaluma in the little league world series. walk off king. they pie the teammate so they pie johnny because petaluma won on a walk off and picture right there. getting the pie. petaluma and new jersey win or go home. trouble early. anthony skin out of here. jersey takes the lead in the fourth. bottom 4 back comes petaluma. smith. base hit. danny scores. hear comes big bradley smith. 6 foot 3. 13 years old. safe. of new jersey comes backth top 6. the big fly. now 4-3 game. load the base was nobody out. only this one run on a bloop. 4-4. on to extras. bottom 8. danny look to go make good contact. that would be great contact.
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game over. petaluma wins 5-4 face fairfield tomorrow in another knock out game. they beat fairfield earlier in this series. manager eric smith today cool and calm. >> the kids are pretty resilient and once on the field they are happy to be on the field playing baseball. we talked after the game last nature you are 20 and 3. don't carry this with you an we just rolled out there and gave it what we had. >>reporter: so much fun. game tomorrow on espn 2 at 5:00 p.m. . 7 sports brought to you by riff rock casino. >> fabulous. >> great to watch soil. fun to watch. >> "nightline"up next. >> thanks for joining us. 7 news tips
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